radio boise playlist for week of 12/03/07

Lay down and chill
Surrender to the couch
This is living
This is living

Music can engage and challenge, and it can also be furniture.
It comforts and supports you.

This was another wandering set of tunes, peppered with an altered repetition of the one fave Fabs number.

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TITLE / ARTIST / ALBUM (or source)

Tuxedo Junction / The Four Freshmen / Capitol Records' From The Vaults, Volume 3 - Capitol Jumps - 1944-53

When This River Rolls Over You / The Stands / All Years Leaving

T.N.K. / 801 / 801 Live

Kashmir / EZ Pour Spout / Don't Shave The Feeling

Autumn Sweater / Yo La Tengo / I Can Hear The Heart Beating As One

Captain Easychord / Stereolab / Sound-Dust

Tomorrow Never Knows / Junior Parker / Children Of Men - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Inner Sanctum / Friends Of Dean Martinez / Atardecer

Grade-A Gray Day / Hazmat Modine / Bahamut

All Over Now / Big Sugar / 500 Pounds

Tomorrow Never Knows / Dictionaraoke / The Singing Dictionary

People Are Strange / Brave Combo / World Dance Music

Soy Campesino / Ska Cubano / Ay Caramba!

Los Twangueros / Ry Cooder & Manuel Galban / Mambo Sinuendo

How High The Moon / The Medieval Jazz Quartet plus three / The Medieval Jazz Quartet plus three

The Missing Pieces / Man / 1969 Revelation

I Can't Reach You / Petra Haden / Sings: The Who Sell Out

Put Your Hand On The Computer / They Might Be Giants / Cast Your Pod To The Wind

The Windmills Of Your Mind / Dorothy Ashby / Dusty Fingers - Volume One

Mr. Jones (Ballad Of A Thin Man) / The Grass Roots / Nuggets : San Francisco - Love Is The Song We Sing: Seismic Rumbles

Tomorrow Never Knows (demo) / The Beatles / Anthology 2

Tryin' To Win / Peter, Paul and Mary / See What Tomorrow Brings

Morning Will Come When I'm Not Ready / Lionrock / An Instinct For Detection

TomorrowNeverKnows / Beatles Decompressed / Negativland

Huma Lama / Carlew Choir / John Carter : A Rose By Any Other Name

Two Bass Shuffle / Holger Czukay / On the Way to the Peak of Normal (1981)

How Can A Poor Man Face Such Times And Live? / David Lindley & Hani Naser / Playing Even Better

Tomorrow Never Knows (1982) / Monsoon / And Your Bird Can Sing - 36 Classic Interpretations Of Beatles' Standards