radio boise playlist for week of 02/19/07

So much music, so little time.

So much fun letting one sound lead to another. Back and back, following influences and inspirations. Around and around, just playing for kicks.

Maybe it would be less 'schizophonic' to find a genre and just stick with it. But how to choose? Following my ears, I choose not to choose.

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TITLE / ARTIST / ALBUM (or source)

Fifteen Minutes More / Little Roger And The Goosebumps / They Hate Us...Cuz We're Beautiful

Jug Harris / John Hartford / Gum Tree Canoe

Don't Wake It Up / Mississippi Sheiks / 16 Classic Blues Songs From The 1920's Vol.4

Get Myself Together / Danny Barnes / Get Myself Together

I Ain't Goin' Nowhere / Rick Moranis / The Agoraphobic Cowboy

You Shouldn't Have / Robbie Fulks / Let's Kill Saturday Night

Sleepwalkin' / Tom Verlaine / Big Bad Love: Original Soundtrack

No One Receiving / Brian Eno / Before And After Science

The Endless Sea / Iggy Pop / New Values

(For God's Sake) Give More Power To The People / The Chi-Lites / Greatest Hits

Free Your Mind / The Politicians / Progressively Funky

Underground [Demo Version] / Curtis Mayfield / Roots

Tightrope / Ten Wheel Drive / Spiritland: The Funk And Soul Of Blue-Eyed Rock

(Chico's Sellin') Maps To The Stars / The Freewheelers / Waitin' For George

The Rich (And The Poor) / Keith Jarrett /The House That Trane Built: The Story Of Impulse Records

Oh! You Pretty Things / David Bowie / Hunky Dory

The Man / Biff Rose / The Thorn In Mrs.Rose's Side

Sound-A-Sleep / Blondie / Eat To The Beat

No More Fiction / Essential Logic / Fanfare In The Garden

Love / The Billy Nayer Show / The Billy Nayer Show

I Love You / Asie Payton / Big Bad Love: Original Soundtrack

Everybody Loves You / Hazmat Modine / Bahamut

Prodigal Son / The Rolling Stones / Beggars Banquet

Third Jinx Blues / Tarbox Ramblers / Tarbox Ramblers

See My Friends / The Kinks / Kinks Kinkdom

Someday Driver / The Gadjits / Today Is My Day

Seven Seas Of Rhye / Queen / Queen II

Everything Is Fresh Today / Jack Hodges, The Raspberry King / Songs The Bonzo Dog Band Taught Us

The Last Blast Of The Blasted Bugler / Sonny Gianotta / Amy 886 (February 19, 1963)

Minka (featuring George Rock, trumpet) / Spike Jones and his Other Orchestra / Spiked!: The Music of Spike Jones

Deep Froggy Blues / Smiley Burnette / Smiley Burnette

radio boise playlist for week of 02/12/07

HODGEPODGE |ˈhäjˌpäj| ( Brit. hotchpotch)
noun [in sing. ]
a confused mixture : "Rob's living room was a hodgepodge of modern furniture and antiques."

(Origin) late Middle English : alteration of hotchpotch by association with Hodge (a nickname for the given name Roger), an archaic British term used as a name for a typical agricultural worker.

'a rambling hodgepodge of Chinese modern and art deco'
mixture, mix, mixed bag, assortment, random collection, conglomeration, jumble, ragbag, grab bag, miscellany, medley, salmagundi, potpourri, patchwork, pastiche; mélange, mishmash, hash, confusion, farrago, gallimaufry.
See note at jumble .

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TITLE / ARTIST / ALBUM (or source)

Take Five / Emil Richards / New Time Element

In Conditional Support Of Beauty / Dave Van Ronk / The Mayor Of MacDougal Street: Rarities 1957-1969

Tomorrow Never Knows / Junior Parker / Children Of Men - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Lady Madonna / Jackie and Roy / Grass

Maybe There's A World / Yusuf Islam (Formerly Cat Stevens) / Paste Magazine Sampler 27

Jack Gets Up / Leo Kottke / My Father's Face

Ice People / Link Wray / Link Wray

This Town / Wally Pleasant / Music For Nerds & Perverts

Quiet / Malvina Reynolds / Sings the Truth

Xp39 / Mark Mothersbaugh / Musik For Insomniaks

Hele Yar / Erkin Koray / Elektronik Turkuler

Sour Smoke / Comets On Fire / Avatar

Little Miss Chocolate Syrup / The Dirtbombs / If You Don't Already Have A Look

Hey Gyp (Dig The Slowness) / Belfast Gypsies / Them Belfast Gypsies

Love's Taken Over / Teenage Fanclub & Jad Fair / Words Of Wisdom And Hope

Nhung Buoc Chan Amtham (The Quiet Steps) / Phuong Dung / This is Saigon!

Burning Airlines Give You So Much More / Doug Hilsinger With Caroleen Beatty / Brian Eno's Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)

Safety In Numbers / Rondelles / Shined Nickels And Loose Change

Incarcerated / Todd Snider / East Nashville Skyline

Borstal Boys / The Faces / Five Guys Walk Into A Bar...

My Home Ain't Here / Lonesome Sundown / House Rockin' & Hip Shakin', Volume 3: Killer Swamp Blues Guitar

Goodbye Baby / Little Caesar / Hollywood 235, 1952

I'm Gonna Kill That Hen / Blue Charlie / House Rockin' & Hip Shakin', Volume 3: Killer Swamp Blues Guitar

You're So Fine / Dorothy Berry / Girl Group Sounds Lost And Found (One Kiss Can Lead To Another)

So, Do The Zonk / Donna Loren / Girls Go Zonk!!

The Coo / Wayne Cochran / Get Down With It! (The White Knight Of Soul 1959-72)

Turn It Over / Bus Moten & his Men / Kansas City Blues 1944-1949

Idaho / Alvino Rey & His Orchestra / King Of The Guitar

Wacky Walk / Joe Goldmark / All Hat-No Cattle

Makin' A Mess Of Commercial Success / Bob Gibson / Makin' A Mess: Bob Gibson Sings Shel Silverstein

Meri Aakhon Mein (Edit) / Sapan Jagmohan / Sitar Beat! Indian Style Heavy Funk Vol. 1

Roosevelt Franklin Counts / Matt Robinson / The Year Of Roosevelt Franklin

A Change Is Gonna Come / J.J. Jackson / The Greatest Little Soul Band In The Land

radio boise playlist for week of 02/05/07 - - Are you ready for Valentine's Day??

It's easy enough to find songs about love.

It's also pretty simple to go out and find a Valentine's Day card.

A task that can prove to be just a bit trickier is trying to find that card or that song that might capture that particular facet you'd like to express of the myriad permutations of love - - IF it can even be identified...

Love is not always as simple as a card or a pop song.

It can be a complex and frightening rollercoaster ride.
A frustrating puzzle.
An elusive prize.
A necessary evil.
A lie. The truth. A joke.
A bump in the road, a reason for living.
And much more, or all of the above. Or something completely different.

Enjoy the ride, and Happy Valentine's Day to you.

Love is out there.

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Thanks for your time!

TITLE / ARTIST / ALBUM (or source)

The Normal Family / Andrei Codrescu / No Tacos For Saddam

If It Ain't Love / Kardos & Shaw / Gene Kardos & Joel Shaw Vol2

Let's Do It / Eartha Kitt / Miss Kitt, To You

Falling In Love Again / Klaus Nomi / Klaus Nomi

Love (Webster's Definition) / Bob Dorough / Too Much Coffee Man

Out Of Left Field (Live) / Dan Penn & Spooner Oldham / Moments From This Theatre

I Want To Learn About Love / The Rugburns / Morning Wood

What Is Love? / Tim Bluhm & Greg Loiacono / Ball-Point Birds

Tattler / Ry Cooder / Paradise And Lunch

While I've Got It On My Mind / Johnny Cash / Love, God, Murder

I'm In The Mood For Love / Mel Blanc / The Best Of Mel Blanc

Love Me Or Leave Me / Sammy Davis Jr. / The Decca Years

I'm Through With Love / Bing Crosby / Crosby: His Legendary Years (1931-1957)

Down With Love / Blossom Dearie / Verve Jazz Masters 51

I'd Rather Be Lonely / Loudon Wainwright III / History

Let's Fall In Hate / Michael Shelley (& Laura Cantrell) / I Blame You

Our Love / Bruce McCulloch / Shame-Based Man

She's My Girl / Tom Lehrer / Songs & More Songs

Rotten Love / The Briefs / Hit After Hit

(Your Love Is Like) Nuclear Waste / Tuff Darts / Tuff Darts

Your Love Is Like Las Vegas / The Thrills / So Much For The City

Anything But Love / Show Business Giants / Let's Have A Talk With The Dead

Why'd You Have To Say That "L" Word? / Candye Kane / Home Cookin'

Where In The Hell Did You Go With My Toothbrush? / Rev. Horton Heat / Afternoon Delight - Love Songs From Sub Pop

I Wanted to Be Alone / Sam Phillips / A Boot and a Shoe

She's Too Good For Me / Warren Zevon / The Wind

Love Is Never Equal / Jill Sobule / Happy Town

Love Don't Love Nobody / James Brown / Messing With The Blues

Life's Too Short (To Be With You) / Jools Holland & Tom Jones / Tom Jones & Jools Holland

Love Is Only Sleeping / The Monkees / Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd.

Do You Love Me? / Come / Knitting On The Roof: Modern Interpretations Of The Classic Musical "Fiddler On The Roof"

I Love Me (I'm Wild About Myself) / Eddie Cantor / The Columbia Years: 1922-1940

That Old Black Magic / Spike Jones / Not Your Standard Spike Jones Collection

Don't You Know / NRBQ / Kick Me Hard-The Deluxe Edition

Just A Friend / Biz Markie / Greatest Hits

Love Will Keep Us Together / Jimmy Scott & Flea / Lounge-A-Palooza

Love Will Tear Us Apart / Nouvelle Vague / Nouvelle Vague

radio boise playlist for week of 01/29/07 - - Gathering carols for Groundhog Day!

The latter part of this show focused on an often under-appreciated friend of ours.

Whether viewed as folklore's harbinger of Spring or as maligned garden pest, as a euphemism for a triflin' woman (?!?), as merely a handy lyrical device or just plain good eatin', the groundhog stands tall in American song.


Spring is coming - - apparently...

As always: Any questions, comments about the music, hellos, whatever - - please click on that 'email me' link. Thanks!

TITLE / ARTIST / ALBUM (or source)

Mr. Moto / The Belairs / Cowabunga! The Surf Box: Ground Swells 1960-1963

Why Drunky? / The Blacks / Down To Promised Land: 5 Years Of Bloodshot Records

These Thoughts Are Occupied / Tennessee Twin / Team Mint Volume 2

Moonlight Mile / The Rolling Stones / Sticky Fingers

Three Hours / Nick Drake / Troubadours Of British Folk, Volume 2, "Folk Into Rock"

The Dolphins / Fred Neil / The Many Sides Of Fred Neil

I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know / Blood, Sweat & Tears / Child Is Father To The Man

Out Of Focus / Blue Cheer / Good Times Are So Hard To Find

You Can't Hide A Redneck (Under That Hippy Hair) / The Bottle Rockets / Songs Of Sahm

Sing Me A Song That I Know / Blodwyn Pig / Ahead Rings Out

Rollin' And Tumblin' / Bob Dylan / Modern Times

Headsoak / Andrew Bird / The Swimming Hour

Groundhog Day / John McCutcheon / Dig In

report from Gobbler's Knob 1 / Phil Connors / Groundhog Day

Groundhog, Groundhog / Brave Combo / Holidays!

Phil's verdict / Brian Doyle-Murray / Groundhog Day

Ground Hog Song / Grover Groundhog (Mel Blanc) / Looney Tunes

Groundhog / Chilliwack / Chilliwack

report from Gobbler's Knob 2 / Phil Connors / Groundhog Carols

Groundhog Day / Grady / Groundhog Carols

Groundhog Rootin' in My Backyard / Hank Snow / Best Of - -

Ground Hog Snooper / Fred Clark / Dootone Records (Vol 1)

The Groundhog Day Song / Helen Slayton Hughes / Cassette

report from Gobbler's Knob 3 / Bill Murray / Gobbler's Knob

Ground Hog / Rolf Harris / Sun Arise

Oh Groundhog / Lisa Loeb & Elizabeth Mitchell / Lowboy

Ground Hog / Elvin Bishop / Rock It

Happy Groundhog Day / Tom T Hall / Greatest Hits, Vol. 3

report from Gobbler's Knob 4 / Bill Murray / Gobbler's Knob

I Am The Groundhog (And It's My Day!) / The Happiest Guys In The World / The Tarquin Records All Star Holiday Extravaganza

Just Do It / The Flock / The Best Of The Flock

Great House / The Pharaohs / Awakening

Sahara / Mac Rebennack & His Orchestra / Mos' Scocious: The Dr. John Anthology