radio boise playlist for week of 10/23/06 - - Here comes Halloween, ready or not

Could be that the only thing that's more fun than stacking up a new pile of old music for you to listen to is stacking up a big steaming pile of holiday or theme music.

Ooooh - - It's a scary one, kids...

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Say hello, or ask me how I managed to find so many 'answer' versions to
'They're Coming To Take Me Away, Ha-Ha', or better yet - - Why?!

Howly Happoween!

TITLE / ARTIST / ALBUM (or source)

Halloween With Dad / Lynda Barry / The Lynda Barry Experience

Welcome / Eleanor Audley & Paul Frees / Haunted Mansion 30th Anniversary

Halloween / Jason Webley / Viaje

The Ghost Walk / Borrah Minevitch & His Harmonica Rascals / Peg O' My Heart

Skeleton In The Closet / Nat Gonella And His Georgians / Nat Gonella Chronicle

Horror Of Dracula / Horror Of Dracula / Horror Of Dracula

Spooksville / Nu-Trends / These Ghoulish Things

Bo Meets The Monster / Bo Diddley / Bo's Beat

Frankenstein's Den / Hollywood Flames / Horror Hits For Halloween

The Haunted Strangler / The Haunted Strangler / The Haunted Strangler

Coolest Little Monster / John Zacherle / Zacherle's Howloween

Don't Meet Mr. Frankenstein / Carlos Casal, Jr. / Monster Bop

With Her Head Tucked Under Her Arm / Rudy Vallee And His Connecticut Yankees featuring Cyril Smith / Halloween Stomp

Haunted House / Johnny Fuller / Johnny Fuller's Greatest

Loch Ness Monster / KIng Horror / Wavy Gravy

Don't Take Me Back Oh No! / Henry The IX / Sixties Rebellion 12: Demented

The Whip / Creeps / Las Vegas Grind Volume Six

The Spider And The Fly / The Monocles / Pebbles Vol. 3: The Acid Gallery

The Thing That Couldn't Die / The Thing That Couldn't Die / The Thing That Couldn't Die

The Green Slime / The Green Slime / Monster Rock 'n Roll Show

Exorcismo / Pax / Back To Perú

Ze Nemen Me Eindelijk Mee (They take along me at last Haha) (Havoc '66) / Hugo de Groot / Biet-Het (Vol 1)

The Astro-Zombies / The Astro-Zombies / The Astro-Zombies

Dancing In The Head / The Mekons / OOOH! (Out of Our Heads)

Jailhouse Rock / Eilert Pilarm / Songs In The Key Of Z

Castin' My Spell / Johnny Otis / The Capitol Years

I'm The Wolfman / Round Robin / These Ghoulish Things

I Was A Teenage Werewolf / I Was A Teenage Werewolf / I Was A Teenage Werewolf

The Monster Hop / Bert Convy / Hollyweird Horror

The Mummy / The Mummy / The Mummy

The Cat / Rod Willis / Monster Bop

There's A New Sound / Tony Burrello / Horrible 45

The She Creature - It Conquered The World / The She Creature - It Conquered The World / The She Creature - It Counquered The World

Big Black Bird / The Time Masheen / Only In America

I'm Normal / The Emperor / Demented

Eres Tu / Jimmy Mitchell / January 16 - 31

Cuteness Uber Alles / Jehova Hates Phred / "Bob's" Total Deafness

Don't Be Afraid... / Goober & The Peas / The Complete Works Of

Mysterious Mose / Harry Reser And The Radio All-Stars / Halloween Stomp

Halloween / Kevin Kling / Home and Away

Eraserhead / Bruce McCulloch / Shame-Based Man

What's He Building In There? / Tom Waits / Mule Variations

Ho Ho Laughing Monster / Ho Ho Laughing Monster / For Adult Enthusiasts

I'm Happy They Took You Away, HA-HAAA! / Josephine XV / The Second Coming

Stout-Hearted Men / Shooby Taylor, The Human Horn / Songs In The Key Of Z

The Haunted Mansion / Eleanor Audley & Paul Frees / Haunted Mansion 30th Anniversary

radio boise playlist for week of 10/16/06

How does the mind of a DJ work?

I've been putting together sets of music for many years now, and I don't have an answer.

Maybe it's too simple (or trivial) a process to require explanation.

On occasion (like this particular show) I'm at a loss to pinpoint the origins of the connections that lead from one piece of music to the next.

The concern that I'm beyond any reasonable understanding whether that flow of connections makes ANY LICK of sense to anyone besides me may be another matter entirely.

Do you 'get' it? Do you care if you don't?

- - Which is likely your cue: Drop me a line and say 'Like, WTF??' by clicking on that 'Email me' link over in that box to your right. Questions, suggestions, howdys, etceteras...

Bottom line: If you are one-tenth as entertained listening to my shows as I am concocting them, it's all worth it, regardless. I'm happy to let the mystery be.
Thanks for stopping by!

TITLE / ARTIST / ALBUM (or source)

Stand Up / Brian Doyle-Murray / The Best Of The National Lampoon Radio Hour

Your White Raincoat / Jim Duffy / Side One

Somebody Make My Mind Up / Barry Booth (lyrics by Michael Palin) / Diversions!

Percy Parslow's Hamster Farm / Liverpool Scene / Amazing Adventures Of

Neville Thumbcatch / Peter Wyngarde / When Sex Leers Its Inquisitive Head

She’s Got Medals / David Bowie / The Deram Anthology 1966-1968

Hey Joe / The Leaves / Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era

My Flash On You / Love / Love Story 1966-1972

Wild Child / The Ventures / Guitar Freakout

S.T.P.#1 / Les Sound Track / Freak Out Total Vol 3

What's Happening Out There ? / Eric Serra / Leon - The Professional

The Hunt / Jerry Goldsmith / Planet of the Apes

Fellow Delegates / George Russell Smalltet / Jazz Workshop

Green Eggs and Ham / Marvin Miller with music under the direction of Shelly Manne / Dr. Seuss Presents Fox in Sox & Green Eggs and Ham

Journey Into Satchidananda / Alice Coltrane Featuring Pharoah Saunders / Red Hot On Impulse

The Creator Has A Master Plan (Peace) / Leon Thomas / Flying Groove

Like It Is / Yusef Lateef / The Blue Yusef Lateef

Feeling Good / Rufus Harley / The Pied Piper Of Jazz

Blues In The Night / Larry Adler / The Magic Of Larry Adler

I Would Do Anything For You / Hot Lips Page and His Texas Blusicians / 52nd Street Swing: New York In The '30s

It's Crazy / Sarah Vaughan & Clifford Brown / Sarah Vaughan With Clifford Brown

Slow Walk / Sil Austin / Tease! The Beat Of Burlesque

Oke-She-Moke-She-Pop / Big Joe Turner / Big, Bad & Blue: Anthology

Chonnie-On-Chon / James Brown / Roots Of A Revolution

Yellow Coat / Screamin' Jay Hawkins / The OKeh Rhythm & Blues Story 1949-1957

Some Humans Ain't Human / John Prine / Fair & Square

You Got Away With It-(A Tale of Two Fraternity Brothers) / Todd Snider / The Devil You Know

The Obscenity Prayer (Give It To Me) / Rodney Crowell / The Outsider

radio boise playlist for week of 10/09/06

Never forget: At it's core, Rock and Roll is MEANT to be bad for you.

It can shake you up, frighten your parents, jar you from your routine, brighten your day, lift your spirits, expand your mind, and put a bump in your grind.

I found some rockin' beats to scatter liberally throughout this show. Found some other stuff, too, and had the usual barrel of monkeys fitting it all together.

Feel free to drop a line via the 'Email me' link o'er yonder. Say hey, ask a question, or leave a suggestion for a future show. Many thanks!

TITLE / ARTIST / ALBUM (or source)

I Like Stinky Cheese / Dick Two Ton Baker / The 78s Continued

Fruitless Labors / Brian Dewan / The Operating Theater

Another Day / The Rutles / The Rutles

Gondoliers, Shakespeares, Overseers, Playboys, And Bums / Dr. West's Medicine Show and Junk Band / Spirit In The Sky: The Best Of Norman Greenbaum

Who's Been Sleeping Here? / The Rolling Stones / Between The Buttons

The World Wrapped Around My Neck / Steve Hammond / Quick Before They Catch Us

Like A Dribbling Fram / Race Marbles / Pebbles Vol. 3: The Acid Gallery

My Iconoclastic Life / Beech Nuts / What A Way To Die

On Nous Cache Tout, On Nous Dit Rien / Jacques Dutronc / L'essentiel Dutronc

You Don't Love Me / Kim And Grim / Girls in the Garage Vol. 1

I Can Only Give You Everything / Bramm Rigg Set / Ear-Piercing Punk

Melvin / Thee Headcoatees / Girlsville

Just A Little Bit / Them / The Story Of Them featuring Van Morrison

Teenage Head / The Flamin' Groovies / Groovies Greatest Grooves

High School / MC5 / Back In The U.S.A.

Let Her Dance / Bobby Fuller Four / I Fought The Law-KRLA King Of The Wheels

Get Back / Jimmy McCracklin / The Walk: Jimmy McCracklin At His Best

Huggie's Bunnies / The Blendells / The West Coast East Side Sound (Vol. 1)

Gal From Kokomo / Roy Brown / Good Rocking Tonight - Best Of

Great Big Eyes (Those Little Reds) / Archibald / Crescent City Soul: The Sound Of New Orleans 1947-1974

Bam Balam / The Du-Droppers / Leiber & Stoller Story 1: Hard Times

My Babe / Ron Holden / The Del-Fi & Donna Story

Pretty Wild / The Chords / All Night Boogie: The Great Atlantic Vocal Groups Volume Two

I Smell A Rat / Big Mama Thornton / Best Of

Bip Bop Bip / Pretty Boy / Great Googa Mooga

Whadaya Want? / The Robins / The Spark Records Story:Leiber & Stoller

Have Love, Will Travel / The Sharps / Jamie-Guyden Story

Have Love Will Travel / Richard Berry & The Pharaohs / Best of Flip Records Vol. 1

Oo-Ma-Liddi / J.J. Jackson / Great Googa Mooga

Bajatede Mi Nube / Los Johnny Jets / Rare Mexican Cuts

Louie Louie / The Swamp Rats / Love That Louie : The Louie Louie Files

Pink Purple Yellow Red / The Sorrows / Pop Era : Vol. 1

We Didn't Kiss, We Didn't Love, But Now We Do / The Clique / Freakbeat Freakout

That's When Happiness Began / The Grains Of Sand / Hang It Out To Dry!

Too Too Cool / The Paul Stewart Movement / English Freakbeat Vol. 5

Thumping Beat / Lord Sutch, Jimmy Page, Noel Redding, & John Bonham / Lord Sutch And Heavy Friends

Gotta Hear The Beat / Animal Jack / Ear-Piercing Punk

Mope-Itty Mope / BossTones / The Doo Wop Box Vol. 4

Dooby Dooby Dough / The Milestones / Lone-Star Gold

Singing The Blues / Jason Eddie and the Centremen / Vol. 6-English Freakbeat

With Friends Like You, Who Needs Friends / The Composers / Scarey Business

Well, It Ain't / Dick Libertini / MAD Grooves

Demolicion / Los Saicos / Sons Of Yma: Peruvian Garage & Instrumental Bands From The Sixties

Put Your Hands On The Radio / The Pink Boyz / "Bob's" Total Deafness

radio boise playlist for week of 10/02/06

"We are all driven by an invisible whip. Some run, some have fun, some are hip, some tip, some dip, but we all must answer to the invisible whip."

- - Roland Kirk, 1969
(from the original liner notes to his 'Volunteered Slavery' LP)

I think perhaps you can make a guess about one or two of my invisible whips.

Go on ahead, drop me a line and tell me all about YOUR invisible whip by clicking on the 'Email me' link imbedded within that box to your right.
Or perhaps you'd feel more comfortable depositing a question about the music or a suggestion for a future show? Up to you, really...


TITLE / ARTIST / ALBUM (or source)

The Sneak / Towers / Las Vegas Grind Volume Six

The Big Ol' Bug Is the New Baby Now / The Flaming Lips / 10 Years of Noise Pop

He Loves Me / To Rococo Rot / Veiculo

Lit / Spring Heel Jack / The Shape Of Jazz To Come

Plötzlich Ist Alles Anders / Stereo Total / My Melody

Dear Prudence / Gabor Szabo / 1969

Silenzio / Laika & The Cosmonauts / Absurdistan

Stiletto / Chico Rey & The Jet Band / The Sound Spectrum - From The Curators of the Sound Gallery

The Twisters / Mel Henke / La Dolce Henke

Lover / Hugo Montenegro / Bongos & Brass

Ain't Misbehavin' / Ferrante & Teicher / Blast Off!

They Can't Take That Away From Me / Dick Hyman & Mary Mayo / Moon Gas

Pale Moon / Betty Cody / Bear Family "Perfect for Parties" Highlight Album

Wedding Day / Pan Ron / Cambodian Rocks III

Who Are the Brain Police? / Mothers Of Invention / Freak Out!

Stop This Train (Again Doing It) / Kevin Ayers / Joy Of A Toy

Keynsham / Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band / Unpeeled

Zzotto / Daisy Chain / Straight Or Lame

Who Save My Soul / Shocking Blue / Inkpot

I'm Gonna Bash Your Brains In / The Driving Stupid / Horror Asparagus Stories

Make Your Stash / Daddy Cool / Golden Miles: Australian Progressive Rock 1969-1974

Waltz For Lumumba / The Spencer Davis Group (feat. Stevie Winwood) / Eight Gigs A Week

One Ton / Roland Kirk / Volunteered Slavery

Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? / Little Richie Varola / Talkin' Verve

Boogie Stop Shuffle / Quincy Jones / Big Band Bossa Nova

Rio Pakistan / Dizzy Gillespie / Dizzy's Diamonds - Best of the Verve Years (In An Afro Cuban, Bossa Nova, Calypso Groove)

Directly From My Heart To You / Frank Zappa (feat. Don 'Sugarcane' Harris) / Weasels Ripped My Flesh

Drunk Again / Paul Butterfield Blues Band / In My Own Dream

Mope / Kevin O'Donnell's Quality Six / Heretic Blues