radio boise playlist for week of 11/19/07

'Ohhh yeaahh... THIS album...

'How long has it been since I played this one? Jeez, how long has it been since I THOUGHT of this one?'

This week's show had that sort of 'use it or lose it' aspect to it.

Grabbing some of the music from my archives that for whatever reason I usually skim past - - and yet I never got rid of it.

Some treasures and memories. Barring several exceptions the average release year here was likely about 1995, give or take.

Hope you enjoyed.

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TITLE / ARTIST / ALBUM (or source)

Alexis - Sandy Nelson - Rock 'n' Roll Drum Beat

Mad Tom Of Bedlam - Jolie Holland - Escondida

Intelligentactile 101 - Jesca Hoop - Kismet

Sports & Wine - Ben Folds Five - Ben Folds Five

1961 - Grassy Knoll - Positive

Punk Lolita (with Debbie Harry, Johnette Napolitano, & Tina Weymouth) - The Heads - No Talking Just Head

Wash Your Face In My Sink - Dream Warriors - And Now The Legacy Begins

Time Of The Future - Mother Earth - The People Tree

Tomorrow Drop Dead - The Fraternal Order Of The All (Andrew Gold) - Greetings From Planet Love

All Right Now / Ich bin blau - Torfrock - Torfrock

It's Just Too Bad - Moss Brothers - On The North Side Of The Tree

Can't You Stop That Thing? - Ron Geesin - As He Stands

The Part That Really Matters - The Proclaimers - This Is The Story

Some Stupid Love Song - Paleface - Raw

Intruder - Primus - Miscellaneous Debris

Killing Is Bad - Goober & The Peas - The Jet-Age Genius Of...

Magic 8 Ball - Cub - Box Of Hair

Get It Right - The Orange Peels - Square

Peace Of Mind - The Diggers - Mount Everest

TV - The Flying Lizards - The Flying Lizards (1979)

Feel Something - Holly Golightly - God Don't Like It

I Just Don't Care - Fortune & Maltese - Phabulous Pallbearers

Zero - Hayride - Elfin Magic

Over 40 - Gutterball - Weasel

I Don't Wanna Be In Love - Karl Hendricks Trio - Buick Electra

Uppers And Downers - The Fitsners - Applesauce

Another Fad - Fall-Outs - Here I Come and Other Hits

All The Kids Are Eating Prunes - The Gazillions - Have Landed

White Indians - Dog Faced Hermans - Hum Of Life

Lila Engel (Lilac Angel) - Neu! - Neu! 2

Quiet Village - Danny Gatton - 88 Elmira St.