radio boise playlist for week of 07/16/07

Hmmm. Sometimes I just get to feelin' ornery, I guess.

Fulla piss 'n' vinegar. Ready to raise a ruckus, and ready to throw some wild curve balls and see how they fly.

Loud music, difficult music, troubled music, and soft and pretty music that shouldn't quite fit in.

Beautiful Noise. What fun.

If you have any questions about the music, any suggestions, a hello, just click on the 'email me' link lurking somewhere to the right-hand side of this page.

Thanks for your time! Thanks for listening! Thanks! Hello!

TITLE / ARTIST / ALBUM (or source)

Don't Talk About My Music / NRBQ / Born To Choose

Short Skirt-Long Jacket / Cake / Comfort Eagle

Meet Me In The Dollar Bin / Les Savy Fav / Inches

Back In Flesh / Wall of Voodoo / Dark Continent

Easy [1953] / Jimmy And Walter / Blue Flames: A Sun Blues Collection

Gravity / Pylon / Gyrate

Don't Worry / Pere Ubu / Ray Gun Suitcase

Everything Must Go / Pell Mell / Star City

Strawberryfire / The Apples In Stereo / Her Wallpaper Reverie

Money, Marbles and Chalk / Jimmy Rogers / You're the One

North American Scum / LCD Soundsystem / Sound Of Silver

I.T. Splash / Yello / Solid Pleasure (Remastered)

Wasting My Time / Klaus Nomi / Klaus Nomi

Life Is Fine / Rainer / Silos And Utility Sheds

Dizzy Dizzy / Can / Soon Over Babaluma

I'm Sorry / Inflatable Boy Clams / EP (1981)

Under Pressure / Crooked Fingers / Reservoir Songs

Lovely Creature / Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds / Murder Ballads

Monkey Puzzle / The Brian Jonestown Massacre / Take It From The Man!

She Smiled Sweetly / Bob Dorough / To Communicate

Little Boy Blue / Robert Lockwood, Jr. / That’s All Right [When The Sun Goes Down: The Secret History Of Rock & Roll]

You Fascinate Me / The Offs / First Record

One Foot / Comets On Fire / Comets On Fire

Happy To Be Sad / Bracket / Kalx Radio Compilation: Bored, Lonely, And A Little Pissed Off

Up Today - Down Tomorrow / Smokey Hogg / Texas Guitar Killers

Effigy / Uncle Tupelo / No Alternative

I've Got Rubber Legs / Sweetheart / Just Payin' The Rent, Amoeba Music Compilation Vol II

Mid-Town / Calexico / Hot Rail

Satisfaction / Devo / E-Z Listening Disc