radio boise playlist for week of 05/21/07

German pop-rap & middle-eastern hip hop. Spooky C&W & classic snotty punk. Heavy Sabbath-esque bass fuzz, surf instrumentals and sixties girl groups. Suds-fueled frathouse R&B and unlikely foreign cover tunes. Music ripped off by Led Zep, and the folks who make fun of them. Psychedelia homage and songs about sneezing.

Welcome to my world, and thanks for listening.

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TITLE / ARTIST / ALBUM (or source)

Rapper's Deutsch / G.L.S.-United / Rapper's Deutsch

Balcasio / Balkan Beat Box / Nu Med

Let's Keep It Friendly / Monopoly Queen (duet with Boyd Rice, music by Combustible Edison) / SubPop 45 (1994)

After Hours (Closet Mix) / The Velvet Underground / Peel Slowly And See

First Mrs Jones / Porter Wagoner / The Rubber Room

It's Nothing To Me / Harry Johnson / God Less America

Don't Be Afraid... / Goober & The Peas / The Complete Works Of

Cowboy Song / Golden Smog / On Golden Smog [EP]

You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory / Ronnie Spector / She Talks To Rainbows

Deny / The Clash / Clash On Broadway

Smile! / Dan Melchior's Broke Revue / Heavy Dirt

Push Button Magic / Fu Manchu / Daredevil

Maliblu / Bruce Johnston / Surfin' 'Round The World

You Don't Love Me / The Starlets / Girls Go Zonk!!

Hey Hey Ha Ha / Crazy Girls & the Javelins / Girls in the Garage, Pt. 2

Congo Mombo / Mando And The Chili Peppers / Golden Crest Instrumentals

Suds / J. Gale / Rhythm & Booze

Dr. Goldfoot & The Bikini Machine (from "Dr. Goldfoot & The Bikini Machine") / The Beas / Summer Beach Party

I'll Come Running / Lulu / Girl Group Sounds Lost And Found (One Kiss Can Lead To Another)

Bim Bam / Don & Dewey / Jungle Hop

Double Whammy / Jerry And Mel / Warner Bros. 45

You Just Gotta Know My Mind / Karen Verros / Girls in the Garage, Pt. 2

Long Green / The Express / Northwest Battle Of The Bands Volume 4

What I Am (Say I Am) / Jimmy Gilmer & The Fireballs / The Best of Jimmy Gilmer & the Fireballs

You're Probably Wonderin Why I'm Here / Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention / Freak Out!

Hey Max / Les Charlots / Les Charlots

Fire Girl / Brave New World / Northwest Battle Of The Bands Volume 4

I'm Allergic To Flowers / Jefferson Handkerchief / Pebbles Vol. 3: The Acid Gallery

Achoo-Cha Cha / The McGuire Sisters / Coral 45

Aquavelva / Dave Myers & The Surftones / Del Fi Beach Party!

Theme from Mission Impossible / The Kane Triplets / Girls Go Zonk!!

Pigs (Three Different Ones) / Les Claypool's Frog Brigade / Live Frogs: Set 2

Taurus / Spirit / Spirit (1968)

Stairway to Heaven / The Beatnix / The Money Or The Gun - Stairways to Heaven