radio boise playlist for week of 03/05/07

I'm so fortunate: My little show is the perfect place for me to indulge my musical whims.
(maybe you've noticed?)

I get into a variety of moods, wanting to share interesting sounds with all of you. Maybe turn you on to something new, something old you've not yet encountered, or something you didn't remember you remembered.

Sometimes I want to share lovely lilting melodies, or compelling instrumentation, music from different genres, eras, parts of the planet - - all strung together by some common theme or a stream of ideas.

- - And then sometimes I just feel the urge to quickly haul off and blow out a bunch of snot.

This was one of those shows, intended for high volume and plenty of attitude in your demeanor. Hope you enjoyed it!

Remember: Any time you might have a question, comment, or suggestion for an upcoming show, please go ahead and click on the 'email me' link just over to the right. Thanks!

TITLE / ARTIST / ALBUM (or source)

Brazil / Die Zorros / History Of Rock Vol. 7

Hang It Up / BBQ / Tie Your Noose

No Fun / The Black Keys / The Moan [EP]

What Do You Look Like? / Hipbone Slim & The Knee Tremblers / Have Knees Will Tremble

Bomb The Twist / The's / Bomb The Twist

Goose-Step Mama / The Rutles / The Rutles

Rompi La Television / Doctor Explosion / El Loco Mundo De Los Jovenes

Rock & Roll / Subincision / Berkeley's Newest Hitmakers

Why / Riviera Playboys / Greatest Hits

How Is The Air Up There? / The La De Da's / How Is The Air Up There? 1966-1967

Light Bulb Blues / Shadows Of Knight / Gloria

Veruca Salt / The Cutters / Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

Another Day / Nagg / Nagg

Lipstick / Suzi Quatro / The Wild One: Classic Quatro

Melvin / The Belles / Girls in the Garage Vol. 1

Louie Louie / The Sonics / Here Are The Ultimate Sonics

Rebel Girl / Bikini Kill / The C.D. Version Of The First Two Records

No Dice / Fu Manchu / King Of The Road

Sunshine Superman / Alice Donut / Donut Comes Alive

Just What I Needed / Replicants / Replicants

Jesus Never Lived On Mars / Lee Harvey Oswald Band / A Taste Of Prison

I'm So Free / Lou Reed / Transformer

Wrap It Up / Romeo Void / Warm, In Your Coat

Good Weekend / Art Brut / Bang Bang Rock & Roll

Getting Me Down / Rezillos / Can't Stand the Rezillos: The (Almost) Complete Rezillos

T.V. Light / FM Knives / Useless And Modern

Private Affair / The Saints / Eternally Yours

I've Got Gingivitis / Show Business Giants / Let's Have A Talk With The Dead

I'm Against It / The Ramones / Loud Fast

Fire on the Moon / The BellRays / Grand Fury

Raw Power / The Stooges / Raw Power

Weatherman / Raging Slab / Dynamite Monster Boogie Concert

Grace Alley / Ride The Blinds / Ride The Blinds

Crash Course In Brain Surgery / Budgie / In For The Kill

Garbageman / The Cramps / Off The Bone

Waitress Problem / King Automatic / Automatic Ray

Sugar Buzz / Electrocute / A Tribute To Your Taste

Go! Cool Cat / Pharaoh / Live To Rock

Another Day / The Muffs / The Muffs

Beyond Belief / Elvis Costello & The Attractions / Imperial Bedroom