radio boise playlist for week of 02/12/07

HODGEPODGE |ˈhäjˌpäj| ( Brit. hotchpotch)
noun [in sing. ]
a confused mixture : "Rob's living room was a hodgepodge of modern furniture and antiques."

(Origin) late Middle English : alteration of hotchpotch by association with Hodge (a nickname for the given name Roger), an archaic British term used as a name for a typical agricultural worker.

'a rambling hodgepodge of Chinese modern and art deco'
mixture, mix, mixed bag, assortment, random collection, conglomeration, jumble, ragbag, grab bag, miscellany, medley, salmagundi, potpourri, patchwork, pastiche; mélange, mishmash, hash, confusion, farrago, gallimaufry.
See note at jumble .

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TITLE / ARTIST / ALBUM (or source)

Take Five / Emil Richards / New Time Element

In Conditional Support Of Beauty / Dave Van Ronk / The Mayor Of MacDougal Street: Rarities 1957-1969

Tomorrow Never Knows / Junior Parker / Children Of Men - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Lady Madonna / Jackie and Roy / Grass

Maybe There's A World / Yusuf Islam (Formerly Cat Stevens) / Paste Magazine Sampler 27

Jack Gets Up / Leo Kottke / My Father's Face

Ice People / Link Wray / Link Wray

This Town / Wally Pleasant / Music For Nerds & Perverts

Quiet / Malvina Reynolds / Sings the Truth

Xp39 / Mark Mothersbaugh / Musik For Insomniaks

Hele Yar / Erkin Koray / Elektronik Turkuler

Sour Smoke / Comets On Fire / Avatar

Little Miss Chocolate Syrup / The Dirtbombs / If You Don't Already Have A Look

Hey Gyp (Dig The Slowness) / Belfast Gypsies / Them Belfast Gypsies

Love's Taken Over / Teenage Fanclub & Jad Fair / Words Of Wisdom And Hope

Nhung Buoc Chan Amtham (The Quiet Steps) / Phuong Dung / This is Saigon!

Burning Airlines Give You So Much More / Doug Hilsinger With Caroleen Beatty / Brian Eno's Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)

Safety In Numbers / Rondelles / Shined Nickels And Loose Change

Incarcerated / Todd Snider / East Nashville Skyline

Borstal Boys / The Faces / Five Guys Walk Into A Bar...

My Home Ain't Here / Lonesome Sundown / House Rockin' & Hip Shakin', Volume 3: Killer Swamp Blues Guitar

Goodbye Baby / Little Caesar / Hollywood 235, 1952

I'm Gonna Kill That Hen / Blue Charlie / House Rockin' & Hip Shakin', Volume 3: Killer Swamp Blues Guitar

You're So Fine / Dorothy Berry / Girl Group Sounds Lost And Found (One Kiss Can Lead To Another)

So, Do The Zonk / Donna Loren / Girls Go Zonk!!

The Coo / Wayne Cochran / Get Down With It! (The White Knight Of Soul 1959-72)

Turn It Over / Bus Moten & his Men / Kansas City Blues 1944-1949

Idaho / Alvino Rey & His Orchestra / King Of The Guitar

Wacky Walk / Joe Goldmark / All Hat-No Cattle

Makin' A Mess Of Commercial Success / Bob Gibson / Makin' A Mess: Bob Gibson Sings Shel Silverstein

Meri Aakhon Mein (Edit) / Sapan Jagmohan / Sitar Beat! Indian Style Heavy Funk Vol. 1

Roosevelt Franklin Counts / Matt Robinson / The Year Of Roosevelt Franklin

A Change Is Gonna Come / J.J. Jackson / The Greatest Little Soul Band In The Land